Restoration 2012: Beyond Borders

Four of the Northwest’s premiere ecological restoration and fisheries organizations are coming together to present Restoration 2012 : Beyond Borders, May 15-18 in Victoria BC.

The event will focus on exploring our knowledge of ecosystem and habitat restoration and natural resource management across natural and manmade borders such as

  • The interfaces between marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems
  • Political and cultural borders
  • Urban/rural/natural interfaces
  • Adaptation across climate change
  • Social and economic changes which drive land use and land use goals
  • New tools in natural channel geomorphic-based restoration planning, design, and wood applications
  • Changes in the role and capacity of government, business and the non-profit sector

From climate change to trade to plant and animal population dynamics, adapting to and managing interconnectivity between complex systems across borders is critical to maintaining the ecological, cultural and economic sustainability of the Pacific Northwest. Join us May 15 – 18 at University of Victoria for four days of presentations, discussions, workshops and field trips focussed on these issues.

Registration is now open :

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